Strathcona Sunrise Rotary Ribfest is moving towards a new Recycling initiative that will engage the community and encourage patrons to further reduce waste.

Sunrise Rotary is working with other community partners to come up with some strategies that will reduce the impact special events such as Ribfest have on the environment.We’re in the initial stages of working together to come up with a plan for Ribfest, and hope people attending will be patient and considerate to the volunteers as we work out “the bugs!”
Diversion and recycling efforts benefit everyone in our community – patrons of the event or not – and will help extend the life of our landfill.

Our ultimate goal is to become a “zero waste” event, where every piece of waste is diverted away from the landfill. This will be an ongoing and learning process for us all but in the end we hope that as a community, we can proudly demonstrate how a large scale event can have little to no negative impact on the environment.