Ribfest is fast approaching and the organizers are still looking for volunteers from the community. In particular, the Green Team is asking for your help. Basically, the Green Team organizes and deals with all the clean up. Separating garbage that cannot be recycled, clearing and cleaning up of the tables and other related duties. It isn’t the most glamorous of jobs but is essential back ground work nonetheless.

Listed below are some of the generalized duties in areas the Green Team is looking for additional volunteers to help with:

1.  Ribber liaison – gently assist/educate the workers to separate waste so it can be appropriately sorted when transferred to the bins.  We will have a program/discussion ahead of time to make clear the expectations. 
2.  Post event clean up crew.  This is a big job and needs people as all containers must be rinsed and put away.  The grounds will need to be scoured to pick up any litter or debris. 
3. Other duties during the event include; waste station monitoring (assisting people to put away waste in the correct location) table cleaning, servicing wash, picking up litter and moving waste to the designated bins.  
On the Thursday into Friday morning we need to set up the tables and clean as needed.
If you think you can spare some of your valuable time (we get it, everyone has so much going on in their lives!!) then please click here to register online or visit the website comoxvalleyribfest.ca. for more information.
thank you, see you all at Ribfest 2019!!