Comox Valley RibFest – The Greenest Festival in the Valley!

Rotary Team members and volunteers work diligently to keep waste generated at RibFest from going to the landfill.

Comox Valley RibFest, the renowned food festival that brings together rib enthusiasts from far and wide, has become an annual highlight for many. Beyond the mouthwatering flavors and lively atmosphere, RibFest also showcases the commendable dedication of the Strathcona-Sunrise Rotary Club team members and volunteers who strive tirelessly to minimize waste generated at the event.

Their relentless efforts have proven fruitful, with Comox Valley RibFest 2022 resulting in an astonishing composted waste weight. The Comox Valley Regional District took notice of these efforts and awareded Comox Valley RibFest the “Cleanest Festival” award.

Let us delve into the remarkable initiatives taken by this passionate team to ensure a sustainable and eco-friendly celebration.

A reminder that we are still looking for volunteers to help with our efforts to divert materials out of the landfill, clean tables, etc.

I’m excited to announce that once again we will be working with Stephanie Valdal who works with CVRD’s Waste Mgt. Division and two AWESOME volunteers, James Barth and Chris Parkinson, who pick up and manage recyclables, returnables, garbage, and compost.

Please note that the proceeds from Comox Valley RibFest 2023 will help fund a range of local and international projects, including the new bike park project in Cumberland.

Peggy Carswell

Green Team Leader

Recognizing the detrimental impact of excessive waste on the environment, the Rotary Green Team at RibFest has implemented a series of waste management strategies. They have established comprehensive recycling stations throughout the event, making it easy for attendees to separate recyclable materials from general waste.

Additionally, the team has partnered with local composting facilities to ensure organic waste, such as food scraps and biodegradable utensils, find a new life as nutrient-rich compost.

The Rotary Green Team believes that fostering awareness and education is key to driving positive change. Volunteers actively engage with festival-goers, providing information about waste reduction, recycling guidelines, and the importance of composting. By promoting sustainable practices, they encourage attendees to embrace their roles as environmental stewards and make conscious choices during the event.

To maximize their waste diversion efforts, the Rotary Green Team collaborates with local businesses and organizations. They have joined forces with food vendors, urging them to use biodegradable or compostable packaging materials, reducing the festival’s overall ecological footprint. Furthermore, the team continuously explores innovative solutions, such as implementing food waste audits and employing efficient waste sorting technologies, to improve waste diversion rates and streamline recycling processes.

RibFest 2023 Eco Sponsor

Coastal Community Credit Union