Musical Entertainment Lineup – Ribfest 2022

Ribfest 2022 Musical Performer Schedule

Friday, August 26

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Saturday, August 27

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Sunday, August 28

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Here is a sampling of our 2019 line up.  We can’t wait to share the 2022 line up with you soon!

Helen Austin
  • JUNO Award Winner 2014
  • John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize Winner, Lennon Award Winner 2012 and Song of the Year Winner with Paul Otten 2013
  • Canadian Folk Music Award Winner 2013
  • International Songwriting Competition 1st place Winner 2012 & 2013 (folk and Children’s categories)
  • Western Canadian Music Awards Winner 2014
  • Female Songwriter and Artist of the Year – Vancouver Island Music Awards 2011
  • JUNO

Award winning singer songwriter, Helen Austin is no stranger to the stage and has worked as a professional performer for over 30 years. After her previous life as an award winning stand-up comedian, she brings her quirky humour to her musical performances, as well as the ability to tug at your heart strings with her more serious songs.

Helen’s words and notes are real in the way the best moments in life are real, and she is sincere in every phrase without losing one precious moment of quirkiness. – Indie Music Reviewer Magazine

Helen writes music and lyrics for specific occasions such as her song “Relay”, written to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life event, which is now played at Relay events all over the world.

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Richard Caissie

The rich warm vocals and full rhythmic style of Canadian singer/songwriter Richard Caissie have impressed audiences and inspired comparisons to legendary performers as James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, and Valdy.

Few singer/songwriters are able to engage with such diverse audiences, and present authentic and timeless content in their songwriting. Richard’s music touches on many styles and genres including folk, pop, blues, calypso, jazz and country music, which he expresses with musical precision, lyrical ease and good humor.

Liston to Richard Cassie on ReverbNation

Alan Jossul

Born and raised in the Comox Valley, Alan has been teaching and playing guitar for most of his life. His influences have been guitar legends such as Don Ross, Leo Kottke and Lindsay Buckingham. He has also picked at the Banjo, the Bass and a few other instruments and managed to make a few of these stringed things sing.

Alan is educated in a wide variety of styles including jazz and bluegrass and is a regular in the music scene in Canada’s Cultural Capital (2009), the Comox Valley. When he isn’t teaching or out with his dogs, he is generally on a stage performing or in an audience appreciating and keeping the art of live performance alive and kicking.

Anela Kahiamoe

Born on the island of Oahu, Anela is one of only 8000 pure Hawaiians left in the world.

Starting his professional career at the ripe age of 17, Anela worked his way up as a full time musician with his fellow bandmates in “the island band”, recording 3 albums!

Later Anela became a studio and back up musician for some of Hawaii’s finest musicians and singers. Today Anela resides in Beautiful British Columbia doing what he does best, performing, teaching, and spreading the aloha with his music.

Luke Blu Guthrie

At a time when many musicians struggle to find an authentic representation of self in their music, the charismatic Luke Blu Guthrie is a beacon of originality. Deeply soulful, and passionately committed to creating and sharing his music, Luke Blu has devoted much of his life to his craft. Often armed with only an acoustic guitar, Guthrie has been an integral part of the Vancouver Island music scene for two decades. He is widely respected for his versatility and skill as songwriter, vocalist and guitar player.

Born of humble beginnings in a rural setting, much of Guthrie’s music is reflective of his childhood experiences living a simple lifestyle while surrounded by a colourful and eclectic cast of characters. These experiences, combined with an unquenchable thirst to understand the mechanics and soul of music, have helped to shape and guide his personal and musical journey. The result is a body of contemplative, original music that bends and blurs the boundaries between multiple genres. Guthrie’s music is a clever and potent fusion of folk, funk, dark country and rock n roll. It is representative of a lifetime of thoughtful listening and his uncanny ability to select elements from each genre then combine them to create a refreshingly innovative, yet timeless style that engages the sensitivity and sentiment of a broad range of listeners.

Luke Blu’s lyrical wanderings show a profound and raw understanding of the human condition. Whether he is exploring the dark underbelly of human nature, taking a light hearted look at the frivolity of flirtation, or contemplating the joy, mystery, and confusion of love and loss, Guthrie’s stories are poetic and poignant. With a firm belief in the importance of human connection, he successfully manages to provide a compelling, cathartic experience for his listeners, giving them an opportunity for greater insight into themselves, providing comfort, escape, and a chance for greater empathy.

A naturally charismatic and dynamic performer, Guthrie will be charming audiences for years with his electrifying playing and smooth vocals.

KC and the Moonshine Band

KC & the Moonshine Band has been bringing country music to the people since 2018. Made up of locals from the Comox Valley, we came together to take on country music from Nashville and beyond. Mike and Jake have been professionals their whole careers. KC has released a solo album and came from the indie rock world before discovering country music. Britt is a lefty with a penchant for digging into a guitarist`s style and hitting all the right notes.


Boondock has been one of Vancouver Island’s top Country-Rock bands for over 10 years. Musicians include members of the Canadian Rock band Trooper (Scott Brown), Darby Mills Project (Randy Gabel), Kick Axe (Gary Langen), and front woman Amanda Hicks. With this roster, Boondock brings Rock & Roll, and Country music together, in a high energy, fun filled performance, that will keep you dancing from beginning to end.

Conrad Campbell Band

Centrepiece is a local 4 piece band that performs Classic Rock, Blues and Country in the Comox Valley. Each individual member brings a wealth of experience and talent to this current lineup. Centerpiece has accumulated a great lineup of experienced musicians who seek out to perform great music. Audiences are astounded by the great selection of tunes. In addition, the band has written songs as well and will be performing them. The band senses the audience with great perception and adapts to the crowd. They have had great success and are asked again and again to come back.

Sweet Santa Fe

Michel and Christine of the duo Sweet Santa Fe are an extremely talented duo. Their shows are an absolute delight and the audience is told the story of two countries and two people very much in love. Their ability to interact with the audience is unique and refreshing. They understand that a great show is more than just about playing songs; it’s also about the stories behind the songs as well. Their beautiful harmonic voices and Michel’s mastery of the guitar take you away to another world. It’s impossible not to smile and move your body while taking in a Sweet Santa Fe show. Truly an experience not to be missed.

The Impalas

Remember a time when nothing felt better than rolling down the highway with the top down, good friends along for the ride, and your favourite tunes blaring out of the radio? When music was good for dancing and driving? Well, so do the Impalas. Bring your friends and listen to this band do all the best songs from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s in stunning four-part harmony. Dance to everything from the Archies to ZZ Top all night long.

Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast came to life in 2017. Three different songwriters and three different tastes in music have blended to cover everything from soup to nuts. Roots, folk, country, swing, Americana, original tunes and anything else that moves us is brought to the table and worked into something that gives us all joy. We’re just getting into our stride after a year or two together and every tune new and old is getting reworked in our emerging voice. We hope to see you in the audience some evening and hope you enjoy what you hear.

Striking Animals
Comox Valley’s premier rock ‘n’ soul collaborative are protesting – kicking off the old covers to deliver an all-original set at this year’s RIBFEST!
Poignant and provocative singer-songwriter Kris Coffey spares nothing on his guitar licks and lyrics. Primarily bowling strike for strike, Caz Matute brings the bass to your face like a bull, while Ashianna Ralynn slow-cooks your soul. Enjoy this mammalian trio who are easy on the ears, and in fact quite STRIKING ANIMALS.

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