Midnight Runners band

Midnight Runners band is a Comox Valley cover band that plays many different styles including rock, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s hits, dance/funk, blues with a few surprises sprinkled in.

We are experienced musicians, each having a unique background of musical influences and sharing a deep passion for playing music and having fun on stage.

We are available for dance clubs as well as private parties, weddings, festivals, rallies, and concert venues.

There’s a good chance you’ll recognize many of the bands we cover including The Rolling Stones, Adele, Bruno Mars, The Beatles, Shania Twain, Foo Fighters, Colin James, and many more…

Ken Avery (bass)
Brett Jardine (lead guitar)
Rick Williams (drums)
Stan Hartfelder (guitar)
Jesse Polito (vocals)
Cassidy Wogan (keyboards, vocals)