Typsy Gypsy

Catch some great Gypsy Jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli.

Calling beautiful mid-East Vancouver Island home, the “Typsys” are happy to offer up a mélange of Acoustic Swing Jazz, specifically in the traditional Manouche-Gypsy format and style (from the late 1920s through the ’30’s-featuring many compositions by Jean Baptiste “Django” Reinhardt-as performed by his famous quintet, The Hot Club of France), but also in other varied popular swing style songs and instrumentals.

Jazz Manouche groups generally consisted of a lead guitar, violin, two rhythm guitars, and bass. This music can be both melancholy and passionate, often played with fire and panache. The Typsy Gypsys keep that tradition alive and are very excited to be able to share this exciting music genre with any kind of audience, including ones new to this experience as well as old-school Django fans!

The Typsy Gypsy Jazz Band’s members are:
Callum Paterson-Lead Guitar and Vocals
Jerry Schneider-Rhythm Guitar
Tom Neville-Violin
David Mitchell-Acoustic Bass